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What’s in my kitchen…

Apologies for starting off talking about the weather, but what a miserable start to May, I can’t quite believe I have seen hail a few times already within the past week… And to think how beautiful it was this time last year, but thank goodness the weather was glorious during those lockdown days. On a brighter side, I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited for a Monday in my life, apart from if I was going on my hols. So as you all know, from Monday we don’t have to sit in the rain and pretend to enjoy our food and drinks but now actually enjoy them inside. Most importantly, we can go round to loved ones homes and give them a big old hug after what seems like an eternity.

As some of you might know I have just had a whole new kitchen put in which I must say is a major glow up so I’m itching for family and friends to finally see it in its flesh. I’m now onto my favourite stage of a kitchen renovation and that is styling it up with accessories to make it a homely space. I thought I would take you through which bits have been given the green light and what I class as kitchen must haves…

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The Salt and Pepper Mills are practical yet stylish, I will certainly keep them on the kitchen worktops for show when not in use. When the S&P mills first landed with us, I just knew I had to take a set home with me, after all, my old natural wooden set had truly seen better days. They are easy to wipe clean and most importantly I will happily leave them on the dining table or worktops so they are always in arms reach.




Our Glass Beaded Chargers come in a set of four and I have not yet been able to take a set home with me until now as they always fly out. They will definitely be making an appearance for the next dinner party I host. They  are great to soften a table setting, especially in my case where I have a natural wooden table.  Adding these chargers will instantly add texture and an expensive touch to your dining table.




The Ravello Pot has become such a handy household accessory in my home. It is ideal to use as a planting pot however it also makes the perfect Utensils Pot. The wide opening means I can fit all the utensils I need whilst cooking. The crackle glaze finish adds a touch a of rustic to the kitchen and doesn’t show any splatters of whatever I’m cooking. We are looking forward to receiving new stock of this item shortly..




If you have a Quartz or fragile worktop that can either scratch easily or doesn’t react well to heat, then you need our Marble Heart Board. I have placed my one which is large next to my cooker for when I take hot pans off the stove so it doesnt come into contact with my quartz worktop. The padding undeath the boards, reassures that it will not scratch any work surfaces. I simply love how the Marble boards look on my worktops and most importantly they’re practical.




What an upgrade this is to my old biscuit tin which Iv’e used to store everyone’s meds, from the kids to the dogs for the last 20 years! This First Aid Box is an ideal size and keeps everything neat and tidy. The removable tray inside, keeps all emergency supplies handy for an emergency. A First Aid Box is essential for all homes and why not have a pretty one.




I absolutely adore the Ceramic Bread Bin! I think it might be my favourite accessory in my kitchen.  Once again,  easy to wipe clean and doesn’t absorb any stains. My favourite thing about it though, is that the writing isn’t a different colour. Whilst I was searching for a white bread bin, many had the writing in black and I wasn’t a fan of, so this is perfect for my kitchen. With having many sharp edges and angles around the kitchen, the curved edges are a great way to soften the space. Without a doubt this bread bin will be a mainstay of our kitchen for a long time.




I’m not going to lie, I have multiple of these rolling pins, entirely just for show. Most of the utensils in my Ravello pot are what I actually use, but a few of these are to simply make it pretty looking rather than just all old stained spatulas that I don’t want to replace.




If you haven’t noticed, many of my accessories that I’ve mentioned so far are white  so I needed to incorporate some earthy, textured materials into our kitchen, especially as the cabinetry is also white. The best way to do this in a kitchen is through tea towels and with wooden and stone accessories. Regarding our Wooden Pestle and Mortar, I love the fact that each one is unique and has its own natural finish which really adds depth to your space and diminshes the bare showroom look. Lastly, its small, so when it comes to cleaning its easy to pick up and clean the surface beneath. I’m always conscious to not overcrowd a kitchen with accessories as it has to be a practical space. After cooking, I don’t have time to unnecessarily faff when dealing with the aftermath. I want my kitchen to be simple yet stylish.




Again, I use chopping boards to break up the bareness of walls to add texture and depth to my white kitchen. A handy little trick if you don’t have the nicest looking sockets, is to use chopping boards to mask them. Additionally, they come in handy as serving boards for when entertaining for family and friends.



As always, everything I have mentioned above is available to shop on our online store and please feel free to tag us on intsagram (@amber_anais_interiors) or use our hashtag #amberanaisstyle so we can repost your recreations.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend and enjoy the next step to normality.

Amanda x