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How I'm Styling Our New Arrivals at Home

With lots of new arrivals lately, I thought I would do a round up of my favourites at the moment and a few ideas for styling them. Now that I’m at the phase of styling my living room and kitchen, the new arrivals have really been influenced by my direction of styling at home. All of the products we stock at Amber Anais are all items I would have in my home. Probably 90% of our products I do have at home and the other 10% I just don’t have room for or I'm saving for other parts of the house once they are finished. 

A little note from me - Click on the images to be taken to each product's page to shop. 

Distressed Ceramic Artichoke

The Ceramic Artichoke has already made it's way into my Linen Cupboard at home. I think thats where it will for a little while, before I have another restyle at silly o’clock at night or right before work. Does anyone else decide to move furniture about at the most random times? I’ll pop a pic below to show you how I have styled it on the linen cupboard. The artichoke has added another layer of texture to this space, which was much needed as the lantern and jugs have a smooth finish. A little bit of height was needed too, so I have used a few of my favourite coffee table books to do so. I'm really happy with this little space now and should be free of my faffing for some time.


Faux Olive Tree

Wow! I am most certainly obsessed with all of our Faux Olive Trees. This is the tallest we stock at the moment and it is perfect for those spaces were you need to fill the wall space or add height. I have placed mine on the fireplace harf to bring this space together. Prior to this, the mantle, fireplace and harf looked disconnected and something was missing. The Olive Tree was definitely the missing piece of the puzzle.



Taupe Striped Throw

When I first set my eyes upon the Taupe Striped Throw, I knew I had to have it. I’ve managed to sneak one home with me, but the bedroom is still being decorated so I haven’t yet been able to showcase it in all it's glory. The plan for the throw is to be draped casually over my Porter chair. Below you can see an old image of my Porter Chair, hopefully that gives you a good idea of the look I’m after. Once my bedroom is finished I will be sure to post a pic to the gram.



Did somebody say Bubbly Bottle Cooler

Now that my home is back open to visitors, in the post COVID restriction era, I'm absolutely loving having people over! I can honestly say my Bubbly Cooler has made an appearance most weekends since. A little tip from me, place the Cooler in the fridge for about 30 minutes before your first glass of the evening and be assured your bubbles will be the perfect temperature all night long. 


Small Crown On Foot

The Crown on Foot is simple yet so beautiful and definitely giving our home a touch of elegance. I knew again it would be something I’d absolutely adore the first time I saw it. It definitely has an enchanting feel to it and you something you would find castle. Pop in a tealight or a small pillar candle to create a relaxed and romantic atmosphere for the evenings at home. The Crown on Foot is being saved for my bedroom, I'm thinking to place them on either bedside tables or would look beautifully styled in an al fresco tablescape. 



I have my fingers and toes crossed that by next Friday my bedroom will be finally finished after a long 6 months. I can't wait to show you the before and after pics and to get faffing! 

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