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The Big January Clear Out

Each January without fail, I find myself surrounded by unwanted clutter and rubbish which seems to accumulate more than ever at Christmas time. Instead of trying to find a tiny gap in a random cupboard to squeeze new gifts into, I find it's a great idea to have a good clear out and reset ready for the year ahead. You know what they say - tidy house, tidy mind. Theres no better time to start than in January, with not much else going on and a great distraction for those of us partaking in dry January, lets get clearing!

1. Set a Timer

With what can often seem like a mammoth task, I like to begin my clear out by tackling a specific area and setting a strict time limit. You can otherwise find yourself slaving over such a job all day and often end up with more of a mess than you started with. Sometimes it can be hard to be efficient when tidying, especially when you find old photos or items from years gone by which sway your mind from the task and move you off track. I like to stick to a 15-25 minute blitz which helps me to be most efficient. Of course the time you choose is individual, but have a window in mind and stick to it!

2. Schedule 

It's also important to schedule in advance when you are going to block out your tidying. The last thing you want to happen is emptying the contents of your wardrobe all over the floor, only to run out of time to put it back! Save small jobs for those spontaneous 10 minutes you find here and there, like a kitchen cupboard or a single draw, that way you'll avoid becoming overwhelmed.

3. Declutter 

Before putting new presents away, have a good purge around the home! This way new things that come in, there will be space for them and an actual designates home for them. Here are a few key things to sort through in each room: 

Kitchen - Look at expiry dates on food, throw out old sauces and if herb and spices have lost their smell, they should definitely be thrown out. Not to forget old and unused utensils that are taking up unnecessary space. 

Hallway - This is where a lot of shoes get left and I store a lot of every days shoes in a little bench so its a good idea to get them all out and have a good sort out. A brilliant time to wash and organise hats scarfs and gloves (making sure each glove is in a pair). 

Bathrooms - Once again, look through all your products expiry dates and purge the products that you haven't used in a long time and probably won't use. It's a good idea to also have a good sort out of cleaning products and cloths because I know I hoard a copious amounts of cleaning stuff. 

Bedrooms - Yes! the dreaded wardrobe clear out. My rule here is to discard of any clothes that I haven't worn in over a year because I'm not likely to wear again. However, some things I will put into a vacuum bag because you never know I may fit into them again one day. 

4. Recycle, Donate or Throw away 

Im often left feeling guilty with the amount of stuff I'm left with at the end of my January clear out, however there are so many ways you can put this stuff to better use. Recycling your rubbish for one is a great way to begin. Split your waste into piles, such as plastics and cardboard, to make things easier once you get to the tip! Old clothes, toys or other household items which you no longer need, be sure to take them to charity shops or give them away to friends or family who can give them a second lease of life. If you can't find a new use for your unwanted bits and bobs then as a last resort...throw it away!

5. Have a good clean 

Once you have completed the main bulk of your clear out, a big January clean is always essential to really set the house up for the year ahead. Take a look at our previous top cleaning tips in our Spring Clean blog, for the best ways to add those shiny finishing touches to the home.

6. Invest in beautiful storage solutions 

Lastly, in preparation for the year ahead, why not invest in some beautiful storage items to keep the home looking tidy and stylish. It's always important to keep things practical when designing the layout of your home's interior, but you must not compensate on the aesthetics. By having beautiful places to store your essential items around the home, it will make your January 2022 clear out that much easier too!   

Here is a few of our beautiful storage solutions that will make your everyday life that little bit easier...