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Style Guide - How to Style a Small Bedroom

Living in a small space requires a little bit of extra thought and creativity. From the best storage solutions to the layout of the bedroom. However, no matter how small a space it may be, the transformation can still be dramatic. 

1. Think through the layout 

In a smaller space, make sure to really think of all the possible layouts of the room to ensure that it will be the most practical. I would suggest placing most furniture on the wall you don't see as you walk in. This way the room won’t appear cluttered upon entering the bedroom. This will require experimenting and moving furniture about until you get it right. Particularly smaller bedrooms, the best layout isn't always the most obvious. I would suggest getting the layout of your bedroom down first with the essentials then start to introduce other pieces.

2. Neutral colours 

If you are wanting to make your bedroom feel light and spacious then opt for neutral colours that will reflect light and create the illusion of a larger space. I have just painted my bedroom in slaked lime by The Little Greene Company and it’s the perfect neutral colour whilst still making the room feel warm and cosy. When a small bedroom is decorated in dark colours, the space can easily appear cluttered due to furniture and accessories competing with each other for attention. 

3. Multipurpose 

Whilst creativity is essential during the planning and furnishing of a small bedroom, we start to think what items of furniture can be multifunctional. Our homes have become a place of work, a gym, space to relax and much more, so it's essential to make the most of the space we have. In terms of a small bedroom, a dressing table could also be used as a work desk. Double up furniture for storage. Place a bench or ottoman at the end of your bed, which includes storage underneath. You can keep it in plain sight and it will look beautiful yet practical. Style your throws on top to add another layer of texture to the space, creating visual interest.

4. Storage 


I'm forever 'needing' more storage space at home. It's important when styling a bedroom, to only put back what is truly needed to avoid cluttering. Don't limit yourself to plastic containers either, they should be hidden away in the loft or garage. You can't go wrong with Baskets. Shop our range of Basketware here. For a bedroom, I find our Lidded Wicker Baskets and Seagrass Baskets work best. They are also decorative pieces, so do the perfect job of hiding the not so pretty stuff.

Remember to utilise the whole space, pop a few baskets on top of your wardrobe and underneath the bed. 


5. Awkward corners and alcoves 

In typical fashion, small bedrooms tend to have awkward angles and alcoves. Utilise all this space, it may just need a little bit of extra creativity of what it could be. Built in shelving and wardrobes have become so popular and it completely makes sense for awkward spaces. If you are desperately wanting a space to style accessories, then I would opt for built in shelving to showcase all your favourite trinkets and decorative pieces. A little tip from me with styling accessories in a small space - Go bigger but fewer! Styling an abundance of little pieces in the room will look a tad messy, however make a statement with styling a few larger items.

6. Reflect the light 

Lighting is your best friend when it comes to styling small spaces. The easy way to play around with natural light is with hanging mirrors. Have you noticed in small restaurants, they will have a wall full of mirrors to create the illusion of a larger area? Well we can use this trick at home too. It can become difficult to make the right mounting moves, but you can't go wrong with placing a mirror opposite or next to a window to bounce the light back into the space. 

When choosing a mirror for small bedrooms, avoid mirrors with chunky frames as this will defeat the purpose of it and will make the room appear smaller and cluttered. 


7. Symmetry 

In a small bedroom, I want to keep it simple, light and fresh looking. Therefore, I aim for symmetry wherever I can to keep the space looking neat and less cluttered. If two children are sharing a bedroom, have two of the same bed frames, light bedsheets and just one bedside between them both. This will create a perfect balanced design scheme that will optimise space and keep the area symmetrical. 

8. Off the floor 

Keeping things off the floor will create the illusion of more space. Just having furniture with legs so you can see a section of the floor underneath will make a huge difference. If possible, try to have pretty storage and shelves on the walls of the room, this create visual interest across the room and keep eyes up, not focusing on the floor space.

Remember to not shy away from including styling touches when it comes to decorating a small bedroom. A little bit of creativity and thought will help to dramatically transform the space.

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