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Spring into Action…

Welcome back

As lockdown starts to ease, it is delighting to see some familiar and new faces coming through our door. It has been lovely to catch up and help with any home styling dilemmas. We have made sure our shop is a safe environment for all and be assured that everything is cleaned regularly, especially high touch areas.


The last year has most certainly been a challenging one in lots of ways for all of us. Spring is a season of new beginnings in nature. Trees blossom, the days become longer and the warmth of the sun begins to lift our spirits. This year it certainly seems all the more poignant. As a family run business we are hugely grateful for all the support you have given us over the past year. After what could be described as ‘a very long winter’ we are now heading towards the summer with a spring in our step.


Throughout lockdown many parcels and packages have passed through all of our doors as online shopping has kept the retail sector going. We ourselves have kept the local couriers and postal services very busy thanks to you all! With this in mind and a desire to be as eco-friendly and cost effective as possible, we are re-using, re-shaping, re-purposing and recycling as much of our packaging as possible from any cardboard we receive as we send out orders to their lovely new homes. We are also re-using any protective packaging and shredded paper from our own homes and that of friends and family to protect items in transit. As always, we are mindful of our environmental footprint and where we can, we make sure we make the most eco-friendly decision.

Over to you

And like us, we hope that you will go on to re-purpose or recycle the packaging that we send out. It is surprising what shredded paper alone can be used for! Can you believe that one online site listed 24 possible uses for it… including bedding for pets, compost for plants and even suggested an art project or two. It’s inspirational how inventive people can be.

We have listed a few easy ways that you can get started living environmentally friendly and you know what they say… Every little helps!

  1. Ditch bottled water

More than 1 million seabirds and 100,000 marine animals die from plastic pollution every year.

Instead of buying multiple plastic bottles of water, always have a Carafe of water in the fridge. This way you will always have cold drinking water to hand. To shop our Bistro Carafe, click on the image.




  1. Reusable bag

It is handy to always have a little fold away bag in your handbag which can be used whenever. If you’re like me and just popping to the shops for milk but come out looking like you’ve done a weekly food shop, you definitely need a fold up reusable bag!

  1. Eco-friendly household items

Away with the plastic, it is worthwhile to invest in glass soap dispensers, wicker baskets and sustainable cleaning utensils. Not only will your home be tidy and organised but you will also be helping the planet. To shop any of our products below, click on the image.

image image image image image image


Note – Find out where there is a local refill store near to you.

  1. Donate

Having a clear out? Donate what you can and the life of your preloved items will be repurposed.

  1. Meat Free Monday

Meat and dairy are responsible for the majority of greenhouse gas emissions in the agriculture industry, so the family and I have chosen to participate in meat free Mondays. With enough of us making this little change, we can make a huge difference.