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Space Saving Tips to Maximise Your Home

Make the most of the space in your home with the following 5 tips and tricks:


When limited for space, make your layout work hard! You will have to think twice about what your space needs and what purpose it fills. After the year we’ve had, our homes have certainly had to become multi purposeful, from office to home gym to classroom. This becomes problematic when space is limited and you still want that picture perfect look. My lounge has definitely become multifunctional and we spend a lot of time in it, therefore it does house quite a bit of furniture. The key here is to position furniture carefully, for example tilting a chair slightly into an alcove will free up floor space whilst allowing each piece of furniture to breathe and avoid the sense of being cramped. Additionally, finding multiple uses of furniture is a great way to further make use of space. Specifically, in my home I have doubled my poof as a coffee table.


In an ideal world, my kitchen would have a walk in pantry and a gorgeous big island but unfortunately thats not that case. A girl can dream though. However, due to living in a Victorian home, my kitchen is long and narrow with huge ceiling heights. So when it came round to designing my kitchen it was important to utilise the wall space which meant opting for taller cabinets. If possible, keeping walls clear does give the illusion of more space but for me, I couldn’t compromise on storage space. This can work in many areas of the home, especially for smaller bathrooms and boot rooms.

Opting for a neutral shade of cabinets will also help to take weight off the room, keeping it light and bright.




Shelving is your friend! Where style meets organisation! Shelving clears the floor space, which inevitably gives the impression that there is more floor space than you perhaps have. In turn, this design draws your eyes upwards acknowledging the whole room rather than just what is placed on the floor. Remember, space saving doesn’t have to be solely practical, style never has to be neglected. Shelving provides the perfect opportunity to introduce beautiful accessories such as hanging hearts or meaningful nic nacs. In addition, baskets are an amazing way to add layers of texture, whilst still providing another storage solution.

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Having a smaller house or kitchen doesn’t mean that entertaining friends and family is off the cards. However, it is important to be smart with space saving in order to maximise the area we can entertain in. One of my favourite tips in the kitchen/dining room is having a stunning bench that can be hidden away under the table or against the wall. Day to day, it allows that bit of extra space for our usual tasks, but as soon as its party time, you can pull it out and squeeze all your loved ones around the dinner table. This is something I have done in my home for a long time and can’t recommend it enough.  Alternatively, if space isn’t issue, a bench is a fantastic way to add a country farmhouse touch to your home.




Get creative and make the most of lost space. The spot in the home that you can take most advantage of has got to be under the stairs. Even modest sized homes have decent under stair storage space. First of all, what are you missing in your home? Is it a cloakroom or a spot to organise and hide household items? Because in this little area you could have either. A downstairs cloakroom is definitely a valued asset to every home, however when thinking about maximising space and storage, having an open area will create the impression of space. Therefore fitting in a few shelves and baskets will help you to achieve this.

I hope this helps to solve any home styling dilemmas that you may have when it comes to space.

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