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Style Guide - Console Table

If you’ve ever looked at an empty space in your home and thought “there’s something missing”, the answer could be a console table. One of the most versatile pieces of furniture, a console not only provides extra surface space but somewhere to showcase all of your accessories. The console is a blank canvas for you to interpret as you please. 

First off, the backdrop 

When choosing your console table , its important to think of the area you're placing it in. Is it in the hallway, lounge or dining room? This will most likely determine the surface of console and the size of it. If you are styling a large space, then opt for the greater sized console compared to a small narrow, which would be better used in a hallway. Another important thing to think of if you're placing the console in the dining room, would be introducing a rustic wooden design. This way no scratches will be seen from moving plates or using it to serve. 

Mirror or Artwork? 

When deciding between the two, I tend to think of the light in the room and functionality what the console could bring to the space. Firstly, if styling a console in a hallway, 9/10 a mirror will be the perfect focal point. A hallway console serves the purpose of being functional, so having a mirror by the front door allows you to give yourself the once over before you head out. Some hallways are dark, therefore we can use a mirror to brighten up the area. However, if you're not feeling a mirror then hanging a loving piece of artwork is a great idea too, or even hang three smaller prints (remember, we work in odd numbers). Whatever you choose to hang above your console, make sure it is smaller than the width of the table. This will avoid the space appearing top heavy. 

Book Stacking 

Stack a few different sized books to use as a pedestal to display smaller trinkets and accessories. If you haven't already got a collection of Insta worthy display books then a little DIY hack is to cover any book you have in a neutral coloured craft paper. This way you won't damage any books. Stacking books allows you to place items at varying heights to create visual interest. If you are wanting to create numerous stacks, then do so at varying heights. You are not aiming for perfect symmetry here but just visual balance. 

Give it some height 

To unify the console and mirror/artwork, place something that finishes above the lower edge of what you have hung. This will help to connect the two, ensuring the area looks cohesive.  Our Milk Bottle Vases are perfect to serve this purpose, without taking too much space on the console. Alternatively, you could opt for our for our Crown Candle Holder on foot and use it as the centrepiece of your console. Not only will it help to unify the space but will also bring another layer of texture to the mix, creating visual interest. 

Bring the outside in 

I'm a huge fan of using greenery wherever I can when it comes to styling, for me it brings back a homely feel to a space I'm styling. Let's not forget the abundance of texture it adds and the pop of colour. When it comes to styling a console table, it's easy to throw lot's of things at it without thinking about contrast in terms of shape. The softer shape of our Natural Eucalyptus will create contract against the harsher shaped items i.e. coffee table books. 

Here, we have popped a few of our Natural Eucalyptus Stems into our Tall Ivory Jug to add depth and a pop of colour to the space. Without, this area looked bare and quite bland, so adding a bit of greenery was key to creating this finished look. 

Layering Accessories 

Now you have a foundation for your console table, it's time to experiment with all your favourite accessories. In the empty spots, place your smaller styling objects including on top of your stacked books. If you have multiples of something or similar even, I would create small vignettes of three to display them. Just like we have with our milk jugs below. 

Here, you simply can't go wrong, consider what looks most pleasing to you. You may not get it totally how you want the first time round but have patience and experiment with different accessories. Keep in mind, in order to keep your styling looking natural aim for visual balance across the console. I love styling with various Candle Holders, to add a touch of rustic to the space especially as we move into Autumn. At the moment, our Small Crown on Foot has to be a favourite of mine. 

Now light it up

Every console I style, I will incorporate a light source, ideally placed either ends of the table - from lamps to candle holders. After all, you want to highlight your beautiful styling.

Voila... Step back and admire your beautifully styled console table. 

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