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Make Your Home Cosy and Inviting

When it comes to styling our home, I think we all strive for it to be an enjoyable and memorable place. A space where you and loved ones can gather and have great times. It all starts with creating a space that is inviting for guests and being equipped for quite a large number of people to be in your home. However, it's crucial not to think this is exclusive to a larger home as these tips apply to anything from a flat to a manor. There is also the bonus benefit to creating a home that is inviting to your guests; it's often more inviting to you, too! After a hard day of work, you will look forward to coming back home and relaxing. 

1. First Impressions

Like meeting someone for the first time, homes too leave a lasting first impression with us all. The hallway, therefore, is a part of the home that we need to get spot on when it comes to styling. Create an obvious place for guests to hang their coats and bags so they feel right at home straight away, leaving hooks on the coat rack free for guests' belongings. Having the hallway tidy a clear also helps to make our homes seem more inviting, no one wants to be tripping over shoes and other household clutter when they come to visit!

2. Declutter

As I just mentioned, a tidy hallway is essential to creating a warm first impression and this goes without saying for the rest of the house too. A tidy house allows for a tidy mind and for us to go about making the most of our daily routines. Make an effort to acquire extra storage if you need it, but always do your best to ensure the kitchen surfaces are clean and piles of clothes are tucked away where they belong. Try to get in a routine of tidying as you go along, rather than letting things build up into what seems like a mammoth task, little and often is the way. You can then always create a nice, clean space for your guests, to make them feel as at home as you do. Investing in beautiful storage solutions such as wicker and seagrass baskets, shelves and hooks can help you stay organised and tidy in your home. 


3. Personality

All of our homes, especially older ones, often come with some quirks and character which make them unique and special. However, some homes are longing for us to put our stamp on them and help to add character and personality to them. You can do that simply as some would by just popping a few family photos here and there (which is great...please do), but there are other ways we can add character too. Panelling is so popular at the minute and a trendy and cheap option to bring texture into a plain space. Such a versatile styling tool, it's relatively cheap and easy to do yourself, great in kitchens, bedrooms and hallways...get creative!

4. Florals 

Perfecting the ambience for your home is key to defining how inviting your spaces are. Whenever you are trying to get this balance right, remember foliage is always your friend. Sparse worktops or incomplete consoles can always be improved with a little bit of greenery. The world is your oyster when it comes to choosing which flora you like best. Tie this into adding your personality to your space which we mentioned in the previous section. Try to create a pattern and flow with your florals throughout your home and that way create consistent and inviting styles. 

5. Placement of furniture

How we arrange our furniture has a massive impact on how welcoming a space is. It's important that our homes are easy to navigate and it's obvious where meeting points will be for guests, whether that's in the kitchen or living area. As simple as it sounds, make sure you have enough chairs or places for visitors to sit when they come over. Also, we don't want people tripping over unnecessary items of furniture, less is always more.  

6. Beautiful Scents 

For me, a beautiful smelling home is non-negotiable. Yes with our busy lifestyles, it's tough to stay on top of smelly clothes or dirty plates...the things which can make our homes stink. But there are so many ways in which we can keep our homes smelling beautiful these days. From diffusers to candles to room sprays, I make sure to have them all ready for a freshen up. No one wants to visit a dodgy smelling house, so take pride in the scent of your home.

7. Background Noise

The ambience of a room is dictated by all of the senses, sight, smell, touch and sounds. Sound is often something we would never associate with interiors, however, it's a great way to alter the mood of a room. Add soothing relaxing background music to your living or entertaining space when guests come round to make your homes even more inviting. 

8. Soft Lighting

Simple as it sounds, layering light has the potential to completely change the mood and ambience of a space. A softer light will transform a room into a welcoming and warm place to be. Our ceiling lights can be often harsh which can make people feel on edge and anxious. I am also not a complete fan of dimmable lights as they can make a room feel dull and I can always hear a buzz when they are not fully on, which is just irritating. Therefore I love to layer the room with lamps and candles to create a relaxing and welcoming environment for my home. It's also important to choose the correct lamp for the area. If you are styling a small room then a floor lamp is always a great option, as it will most likely illuminate a large area. If you have a larger room with a console, add two lamps to either side of the table. This will make the dark evenings a little easier and will make you want to get cosy under a throw and binge-watch After Life. 

Let's not forget to let in the light during the day. Keeping blinds and curtains closed during the day will make your home feel congested and a lot smaller. the natural light will add a fresh feel to your home. 

 8. Neutral colour palette

Some shades lend themselves to stress-free living better than others so it can be preferable to paint in colour schemes that provide feelings of calm, rather than bright harsh tones. Colours found outdoors can be a great place to start, with greens, blush pinks and neutrals coming up trumps for relaxing living, while bright, neon and some dark shades can have the opposite effect.