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Let The Spring Cleaning Commence…

Nothing feels quite as satisfying as sitting down in a tidy home that sparkles. However, even the thought of a deep spring clean can initially feel like a mission impossible. And where do you start? But it doesn’t have to be as tiring or as time consuming as you think. We have put together our best tips in a list below to help you get started and well on your way to a tidy sparkling home in no time .

  1. Make a list

I can’t stress this enough but writing everything down will really help to focus the mind on the task in hand and save time in the long run. I like to create a separate list for each room in the house detailing every task that needs to be done in that particular space. A spring clean can often feel like an overwhelming mountain to climb, so breaking it up into small jobs will make it seem a lot less daunting. Each house, and room for that matter, will obviously take different amounts of time to complete but these days with our time being increasingly precious cleaning and tidying from top to bottom in a day is unlikely to happen. By dividing the house into rooms and the rooms into bitesize tasks it helps us to stay motivated. It’s easier to stay focused on one thing at a time and so satisfying ticking them off your list as you go. Each tick is a step closer to a spotless sparkling home that deserves as much love and attention as we do.

  1. One room at a time

I often can find myself dabbling with tidying and cleaning bits here and there. Whether it’s a downstairs mirror followed by an upstairs wardrobe, our cleaning routine can lack structure. If you’re anything like me, I can end up being inefficient and the house then seems no better than when I first started. After writing a list, stay focused. Whichever room you start with, complete each task and tick it off before moving onto the next. If you are methodical, create your own routine and stick to it you will find you will get things done much quicker.

  1. Clear the room and sort

If at all possible take everything out of each room and I mean EVERYTHING! This is the perfect time to have a good clear out. Sort all items into the following categories, keep, recycle, donate or bin. Ask yourself do I need it? Do I use it? Do I love it? If the answer to any of these is no or it’s broken it needs to go! Be ruthless. If you also clear your summer and winter clothes out each season, your future self with thank you for it and don’t forget to check the expiry dates on any food items or toiletries as you go. Once you have taken the unwanted stuff to its new home, whether that be to friends, family, charities, recycling centres or the tip then the fun starts in organising everything you have left.
P.s. Check your expiry dates on food and toiletries.
  1. Hoovering

Whilst the room is cleared, it’s time to tackle the dust. I don’t know about you, but my house collects dust like there’s no tomorrow! Start at the top of the room and work your way down and hoover everything including the ceiling, light fittings, walls and skirting boards. Move around the room from top to bottom, left to right so you don’t miss anything or go over what you’ve already done. Hoovering the dust before cleaning woodwork and skirtings is much more efficient. It is removed rather than just moving it from one place to another.

  1. Don’t forget the outdoors

Don’t forget those outdoor areas. After a winter of neglect it’s easy to forget about the garden, terrace, patio or balcony but these areas are an extension of our homes and shouldn’t be ignored. They can essentially provide another room to be enjoyed as the weather improves. Take the time to care for your plants, borders and start looking after the grass if you have any and jet washing patios and garden furniture is so effective and satisfying. Think about planting some pots or containers with spring flora and fauna and look for any garden accessories to finish off the look. A perfect place to relax and unwind after all your hard work.

  1. Get the family involved

Encourage the family to help out too. You could make it into a game for children or offer a pocket money reward or a treat in return. It can help form good habits by getting them involved and to learn age appropriate skills. They too will enjoy ticking things off a list. It also teaches them that hard work is satisfying in itself and rewarding (and a few less jobs for you in the process).

  1. A useful caddy

I think we can all be guilty of over buying cleaning products and have become fascinated by the many and varied items on the market. Our cupboards then become untidy, overfull with hardly used bottles and cans, not to mention the expense of it all. Find your favourites, the ones you need and use regularly, and make a caddy with them in, along with any cloths, dusters, scourers, dustbin bags etc. Everything is then to hand and can easily be taken from room to room and could save you time without any unnecessary trips up and down the stairs to find things you’ve missed. Any other products you want to keep that are used infrequently can then be stored neatly in a basket in the kitchen or utility room.
  1. Storage and organisation

Once the room has been cleared, organise the surviving items using trays, baskets and boxes. Vacuum bags are also very useful to save space and for rarely used or out of season items. Organise your things to suit your own style and space but it’s advisable to have a system so you know where everything lives. This will make it easier to quickly find things going forward and efficiently put them away where they belong. You can even make labels if you feel so inclined to act as a reminder and keep you on track.

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  1. Future planning

Once you have completed your spring clean it is a good idea to establish a routine to keep on top of things and ensure the house stays spick and span. Whether jobs need to be done daily, weekly, monthly or yearly, it’s up to you to make the rules and regularly stick to them as best you can. Continue to share the tasks with other household members and you will all find pride in your home. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to have a perfectly squeaky clean and tidy home 24/7, after all a home needs to be loved and lived in. If everything has its place though, a little bit is done each day, you are organised and efficient with your time and everyone does their bit, there will be even more time for the fun things in life and next years’ spring clean will be a walk in the park!
As a final tip, listening to a favourite piece of music or podcast whilst you work can make it more enjoyable .
There are some examples below of the lists I’ve used and a blank one for your own use if you’d like to give it a go.
Happy cleaning !
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