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How To Turn Any House Into a Home

No two houses are ever the same, people decorate their homes in different ways. What all houses do have in common though, is that to each of us they are uniquely a home. A feel good space to return to after a hard day at work or holiday. With having an interior business, I do care about the interiors of my home, as it is a huge passion of mine and is essentially my job. However, I realise a home is supposed to be lived in and cannot always be worthy of an interiors magazine and should reflect my family and how we live. I thought I would gather my top tips to help create a home out of a house or flat,  regardless if bought or rented.


Upon thinking about what I have in my home, that makes it a home. I decided to analyse each room, appreciating what I choose to have in the house. I’ve never been overly obsessed with plants, but was surprised to find some sort of greenery in each room. And by taking them away, the space seemed so flat and dull. So greenery most certainly had to be a part of this post. I probably didn’t notice how many plants I had because they’re all faux, so no major up keeping apart from dusting to keep the ‘real’ look and feel of them. Nowadays it can be hard to tell the difference between real and faux plants. The artificial flowers and plants we stock are designed with leaves and stems that vary in size and colour, which gives them a natural appearance. Due to certain plants being toxic for certain animals, I like to keep just faux in the home. Better to be safe than sorry I say. Shop a floral collection by clicking on the images below.

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There is nothing more important than adding personal mementos to a house to make it a home. From photographs to hand me downs to anything you love! Moving to a new house or flat can be daunting, so having a few things that are familiar to you and your family will help you settle into a new space with ease. Most importantly, your home should reflect your style and personality. Like ourselves, we evolve and adapt as the years go on, which so should our homes. That even relates to baby or puppy proofing our homes, so we don’t have any unwanted accidents. Our homes will naturally reflect the different stages of our life, or that of a family as it grows.

Make your home a place just for you and the family.


I’ve always thought a home is were you always look forward going back to. Despite, loving holidays and hot climates, there is nothing better than getting in your own comfy bed and enjoying home comforts. So another tip, invest in a super comfy bed. But then again, maybe not too comfy as when the morning comes, leaving will be difficult. Additionally, feeling safe is essential, which I have done by upgrading security around the house but also again by having familiar things around me which has funnily enough made a huge impact to how I feel when I’m home. Anything you choose to have in your home should either serve a purpose or joy, if not – swap it out. I say purpose, as I don’t think I can say having heaps of washing constantly gives me joy. The general consensus here is the home is no place for negativity.

I do believe it is difficult to be completely comfortable in a home that’s dirty or cluttered, so having a clean and tidy home brings an abundance of happiness. I definitely can think more clearly and you know what they say – happy wife, happy life (for the husband).


Comfort is key! Especially when it comes to your home. Like I’ve already said, investing in a comfy bed is essential. But also as important, is a comfy sofa that you can snuggle into and gives all the support you need. Let’s not forget the soft throws and pillows. Having  throws and blankets piled up in a basket or ‘casually’ draped over the sofa will create an inviting atmosphere to your home. I do love a night were I can snuggle up on the sofa with a super cosy blanket watching whatever series I’m obsessing over at the time. There is also a styling element to collecting throws and cushions, soft furnishings add texture and warmth to a space, as well as adding a pop of colour, which can be swapped out seasonally.  You can click the image of the following soft furnishings to shop:

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If you fill your home with people and laughter, you will be making memories all along the way. Enjoying your home with friends and family is vital, especially on special occasions. I have moved homes quite a lot in my lifetime and when I look back at them all, I remember the beautiful memories I made there. From birthday celebrations, family barbecues to my daughter’s first steps in the living room. In the past I have been hung up over what the house has looked like rather than enjoying  what was happening in my home; or worrying I needed to have it spotless for people to come over.


Whether you’ve bought a house or renting, it’s always a good idea to swap the pre existing lighting. This is an easy way to make a huge impact in your home and the best bit is you can take any light fixtures or lamps with you. Having primarily lived in rented houses, I always invested in lighting I loved, from chandeliers to lamps, because I knew that they would stay with me wherever I lived. There are few things I enjoy more than snuggling up on the sofa with a cuppa at home. An essential part of creating that cosy effect, has to be soft low lighting. Dotting a few lamps around will help you wind down and relax after a hectic day. Swapping out fluorescent lighting for something soft and warmer, will instantly bring a cosy feel to your home. Candles are also a great way to add a nice amount of warm lighting and cosiness, but remember to blow them out.

Tip – Always opt for the warm white bulb.

I appreciate that everyone will have different needs for a home but I hope this has inspired you.

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