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Hosting Christmas this year? We got you covered...

When it comes to hosting at Christmas time, it can come with stresses and pressures which sometimes stop us from enjoying the festivities as much as we should do. Below we have a range of ideas which can really take hassles out of hosting, while still bringing unquestionable style to your homes. They can also act as some perfect last minute gifts for those of you (like me) who have left your shopping until the last minute!

Elm Chopping Boards 

Our stunning Elm Chopping Boards are quite simply the definition of versatility, with so many ways they can be a Christmas essential. The oversized nature of both the round and rectangular boards provide the perfect place to slice, chop and prepare all of Christmas vegetables. Alternatively, you can also double them up as a serving board for those luxury evening canapés, or a Charcuterie board for all the festive nibbles.

Marble Heart Board 

If the rustic style isn't to your taste, then why not try our simplistic Marble Heart Board. This high quality marble serving board certainly has a luxury feel to it and is the perfect size for serving any Christmas snacks, from mince pies to sausage rolls. If you have delicate worktop like quartz, our Marble heart board can act as a trivet to protect the surface, whilst not compromising on style. I keep mine on the worktops as a stylish kitchen accessory, but also an extremely practical item too.

Vintage Champagne Bucket 

With all the stress and hassles of entertaining at Christmas, a great technique I like to use to make life easier is setting up a drinks station. The centrepiece of this is without question always our Vintage Champagne Bucket, allowing your guests to enjoy the bubbly whilst you concentrate on the food. Absolutely stunning whilst making your life easier too.


 Hunny Pot

Cooking the Christmas Dinner, is there any more chaotic task to undertake throughout the year, I think not! It's essential to have all those Kitchen Utensils to hand and our elegant Hunny Pot is the perfect way to store them. The simplistic terracotta pot can also be styled as an elegant vase, allowing you to present your seasonal flora throughout the year, when the Christmas cooking is finally over.

Panier Basket 

Christmas is defined by the mountains of food and drink which suddenly overpower our homes throughout the festive period. With that in mind, storage becomes a real problem for most of us, however big your fridge might be. Those bits and bobs which don't need to be in the fridge can actually add to your home styling, by incorporating them with our beautiful accessories. Our Panier Baskets are a fantastic way to house and show off those fruits and vegetables, without compromising on style. Get creative with these versatile baskets and store whatever festive goodies you desire this Christmas. 

Wooden Pestle & Mortar 

Herbs, spices and gorgeous seasonings all help to create the unforgettable aromas which fill our homes throughout Christmas. Working with these in the kitchen becomes impossible without a handy pestle and mortar. Handmade from solid warm olive wood, our Pestle and Mortar bringing a rustic feel to any kitchen surface. A beautiful accessory to add to your festive kitchen setting, which can bring practically and chic style throughout the year too. 

Natural Linen Napkins 

Accidents and spillages are always going to happen when you are entertaining, it's just the nature of the beast. Especially if you have lots of little ones running around the house, enjoying all their festive gifts, thing are going to be knocked over here and there. Again, there is no need to compromise on style when it comes to practicality and our Natural Linen Napkins are no exception to this. With a soft natural feel and coming in a set of four, they will bring a beautiful elegance to your Christmas styles and tablescapes.