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Get the look: Natural Living

Over the past two years, we have seen a shift in styling, focussing largely on bringing the great outdoors into our homes. The emergence of this modern rustic trend I believe is largely down to significant time spent in various lockdowns in recent times. Being stripped of our usual summer outdoor experience and reducing normal interaction with the countryside, has encouraged us to add more greenery and natural materials to our indoor spaces. Natural living is all about the use of organic materials and inviting in the sense of fulfilment the great outdoors brings us, wherever you may be living. The idea of immersing ourselves in nature can bring peace, relieve stress and improve focus, even amid a busy urban life.

Down to the grain 

An essential part of creating a natural living home is the use of natural materials and finishes, from wood to linen to hessian. Natural wooden textures open up your space and elicit enjoyment from the simple luxuries of nature. There are many ways to incorporate natural finishes into your home, through basketware, rustic wooden styling pieces such as chopping boards and bowls, stoneware and of course large wooden furniture. 

When choosing storage solutions for your home, stay clear of plastic boxes, which are of course not sustainable. Instead focus on basketware, which will help contribute to your style goal and appear seamless in your home. I love rattan baskets when I need something durable and strong, seagrass for clothes, beauty products and soft furnishings and needless to say wicker is a staple. Using this material in your home will bring warmth and texture, making it a place you feel safe and at ease. 

The best part of this natural living style is you can interpret it any way you want and make it your own. Utilise styling elements from various trends such as Japandi, Scandinavian, Modern Country, Hygge and so much more. Adapting the layout and functionality of your space is such a strength of natural living, sculpt your home in a way that works best for you, without restriction. 

Get down to earth 

I have never been a big fan of strong bold colours in my home as I tend to find them restrictive and irritating. With a modern hectic lifestyle, I have always preferred soft, natural hues to help create a relaxing space to come home to. The main colours that stylists can take from the natural world are of course - Green, Blue and Brown. Almost any accessory will complement the tones of the earth, sky and forest. Most commonly I focus on various tones of soft brown and green, allowing for a harmonious multidimensional colour scheme that flows throughout the home, uninterrupted by the absence of harsh contrasting tones.

The natural styling techniques lends itself to various warm neutral hues, from whites, beiges to pearl grey. White walls are a simple choice for anyone unfamiliar with colours, but it's important to note the many shades of white and how it is easily influenced by its surrounding. To achieve the natural living style, a warm off-white will be the perfect base colour. The paint colours I'm loving at the moment are White Clay by Zoffany and Slaked Lime by Little Greene, which both emit a soft and warm appearance to the space. Ideal for a north facing room, creating a cosy atmosphere wherever introduced. 

Bring the outdoors in 

The idea of the natural living trend is to obscure the boundaries between inside and out. Styling faux flowers in your home is an easy way to begin achieving this look. It is also an opportunity to accumulate top styling points, by adding layers of textures to create visual interest in your space. As always, opting for faux stems will allow you to create an abundance of floral arrangements for years to come. Eucalyptus is the ultimate stem to start your collection with and can be easily styled with most flowers. Silver Dollar Eucalyptus has been a bestseller for Spring so far and it's not difficult to see why, with its wild unruly stems that contribute to the natural living style. 

It's all in the finishing touches 

The finishing touches are the cherry on top, from lamps to soft furnishings and styling accessories too. It's crucial to slowly and carefully build up these items to achieve an authentically relaxed look. Materials and finishes are the crucial elements for this style and you are looking for those that you would most likely see outdoors, such as stone and wood, creating a relaxed rustic atmosphere. 'Effortlessly' styled and layered accessories will help you to achieve a relaxed look. For example, both Elm Chopping Boards (Round and Rectangular Elm Boards) are made of natural material and add depth to a neutral background creating visual interest. Another very on-trend material that I'm loving at the moment is stone, especially for vases, to bring in those much needed statement pieces. 

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Comfort is a key aspect for all our homes and can sometimes outweigh our aesthetic needs. The natural living style is no exception to this rule and in some ways 'the imperfectly perfect', make this concept easier to conceive. Choosing a comfy sofa, soft linen or full cushions, obviously, help to create a relaxed living space. All of which easily align with the natural living tones and styles. Keep an eye out for our soon to come cushion collection, which will be full of different shapes and variations of warm green cushions, the perfect way to put the finishing touches on your natural living area. Green is, without doubt, the on-trend colour of 2022, so be sure to start introducing it into your styling to stay ahead of the curve.