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Cosy Fireplace Styling

The fireplace is one of my favourite features to style, particularly in the autumn and winter months. It is an area of the home with so much potential and can be easily altered in time with the ever changing seasons. Throughout the cold winter months, the fireplace becomes a centre piece for the family to gather round and snuggle up together. Even if yours isn't a working fire it is still a focus point within the home and a space where you can get creative when styling.

When it comes to the principles we use to style the mantlepiece, there are many similarities and parallels we can draw on from our console styling. The main additional feature we must consider is the hearth of the fireplace, which provides great opportunity to frame and complete the look. The key to a well styled mantle is symmetry and layering accessories of different heights and shapes, as well as textures, to create visual interest. 

Create a Base

With a fireplace, I always begin with styling the mantlepiece in order to create a base. This often includes a large mirror or a piece of art and becomes the centre point for us to work around. Whatever base you chose will also determine the theme for the area and is a key feature for you to consider with your taste in mind. If the mirror is ornate with an abundance of detailing, then I would suggest taking a minimal approach when it comes to dressing the rest of the area. In my styling example (see above photo), I have chosen a mirror with detailing just at the top, as I didn't want the mantlepiece to become too crowded, whilst also encouraging our gaze to be slowly guided upwards. 


As I briefly mentioned earlier, symmetry is one of the most important things to consider when styling your mantle piece. This does not necessarily mean you always have to have the same accessories at either end of the ledge, but we are looking to strive for a balance in visual weight. An easy way to create symmetry is by splitting a pair of the same candleholders to each end of the ledge and is something to consider if you are styling for the first time.

I must admit, I have a real love affair with white ceramics and they're always something I reach for when styling my mantle or console table. As you can imagine when I first set eyes on our Chloe and Lyon Jug, I couldn't resist and I knew they would sit perfectly on the mantlepiece at home. The subtle ripple of the ceramic gives the space an elegant touch and nicely complements the mirror. 

If we then switch to the other side of the mantle, it's time to add a little foliage to the space in order to break up the neutral colours. For this time of year, I thought it would be fitting to start adding some festive pieces - starting with our Festive Eucalyptus Wreath. Against the light background, the Wreath adds a subtle pop of colour whilst still in keeping with the serene atmosphere of the space. Finally, to counterbalance the visual weight I have popped a Glass Cloche on the edge, which always works perfectly with the greenery. I appreciate that the mantlepiece has not been styled completely symmetrically, however as I have used a variety of shapes, finishes and colours, the visual weight is equally distributed across. 

Add Warmth 

Layering your space with a couple of baskets of different sizes is a simple and easy way to add a natural element of warmth. Let's not forget they double up as handy storage too, and can hide firelighters and kindling. Having Log Baskets beside the log burner has been so handy over the last few weeks, as I've not had to fetch more logs from the shed as often. It's the last thing I want to do when I'm snuggled up on the couch in the warm, I dread the thought of it! The tighter weave of the Rattan Log Baskets keeps the urn shape, in order to store heavy logs year after year. The warm tones of these baskets will help create a cosy atmosphere during the colder months. 


To complete the look we just need to add a little height to keep the eyes gradually traveling upwards from the harth all the way up to the top of the mirror. I have just popped the tallest of our Potted Olive Trees in to create different level of interest to the fireplace. The Olive Tree continues the theme of bringing the outside in with a hint a rustic, alongside our festive Eucalyptus Wreath. 

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