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Our Tips for Accessorising Your Home

Accessories are without doubt the finishing touches which transform your house into a home. Just like your perfume and jewellery, accessorising provides that final wow factor to your appearance and without them we would just feel incomplete. Below we have listed a few tips which we consider are the most important suggestions when it comes to accessorising our homes. 

1. Collect over time

First up and probably most importantly, is to collect pieces for your home that you love gradually! I would never rush to buy home decor to style a whole room. A home has to look authentic and to reflect you. Rome wasn't built in a day and neither can a cosy and stylish home. Make sure you really connect with a piece before you buy it, otherwise you will end up with a cluttered space you love to hate instead.

2. Accessory storage 

Swap things in and out! Like I said, home accessories really are like jewellery, you don't wear all of it at once and the same applies when styling your home. We want to avoid a cluttered home at all costs. You may have things you like to collect but think twice if you want the whole collection on display, maybe just have three of those items out and swap them in and out. So yes, keep a cupboard of accessories that you rotate, that way you can continue to have a little tinker around once in a while.

3. Balance, weight and scale

To achieve the designer look at home, you should consider the same principles as would an interior designer. Weight refers to the visual weight of a space and you are always wanting to distribute weight equally along a console for example. On a console you could opt for a symmetrical arrangement like we have the done on the outer edges below to create balance. However, you could anchor one side down with an oversized lamp and on the opposite end place a cluster of three vases of different sizes. This will magnify the weight and depth to create visual balance of the space. 

In a large space, especially with high ceilings ensure to choose oversized pieces to style the room. Small accessories in a large room will become lost and will appear cluttered. On the other end of the scale, incorporate a couple of large items in a small space to create an illusion of a larger room. 

Don't forget to play with different height of accessories to create visual interest across the room.

4. Hanging pictures too high 

Something I see quite a lot is art or picture frames being hung too high on the wall. Pictures should always be hung at eye level, so you should never have to look up at it. Pictures too high will appear disconnected to the room, therefore making your space look unbalanced. The only exception to this rule would be a gallery wall.

5. Blank canvas

When the time comes to fully restyle a space or room, I cant recommend fully clearing the space to start with highly enough. Take everything out of the room so you are only left with the bare bones i.e. large furniture. Have a play around with the arrangement of furniture. For example, in a living room - Are the sofas pushed up against the walls? Why not bring them forward and overlap the two front legs on a rug to anchor it. Once you are happy with the layout, start to introduce your favourite styling pieces and just have a faff until you are happy with it. You may realise some things don't belong in that room anymore, put them into your storage cupboard until you have another move about. 

6. Coffee Table Books

I absolutely love styling with coffee table books. There is so much you can do with them to add a designer touch to your space. Whilst you're flicking through Architectural Digest, you will be surprised how many designers use coffee table books to style with. Additionally, it's an easy and subtle way to add a little texture or pop of colour to your room without committing to it. Have a play around with your shelves and mix it up with some books - lie some horizontally with an accessory on top like our Ceramic Artichoke or standing up tall. Styling shelves in this way will add visual interest whilst still looking relaxed. 

7. Greenery

I can't express the importance of adding greenery to a space. As you know, I always opt for a faux floral arrangement so there is zero upkeep to keeping them alive. If a room you are styling looks unfinished but you are unsure of what it is, add some sort of greenery and 90% of the time it will instantly elevate the space. I love our Silver Dollar Eucalyptus to add an elegant touch of greenery. 

8. Mix and match 

Gone are the days of buying everything from one furniture range. Not only does this look mega boring but also limits you from switching things up in the future. The key thing here is to play around with different colours and textures of furniture to create visual interest across the room, whilst adding layers to the space. If you are keeping to a monochromatic look, then play around with different textures and patterns, especially with soft furnishings. Follow this rule and you will be 2 steps ahead to achieving that designer look. 

Styling your home will take practice and you will find yourself switching things up until it looks right and then after a while, if you're like me, you will get bored and start again. However, this will be so easy to do if you take into consideration a few of these tips. If you are low on inspiration - interior magazines, Pinterest and Instagram are great resources to give you that light bulb moment. And of course you can follow us on Instagram at @amber_anais_interiors where you can find all the inspiration you need.