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10 Easy ways to refresh your home

1.  Fresh lick of paint 

If your home hasn't been painted in a while - a good place to start is always giving it a fresh lick of paint. You don't necessarily need to change colour, a fresh coat will still give your home a well needed lift. Changing paint colour does however allow you to fall in love with your home all over again and can refresh your space. High touch areas in the home will also become especially grubby. Once painted, your home will feel brand new, no signs of finger prints in those awkward spaces. 

A handy tip from me - Oil based paint will eventually turn yellow, so try to use a paint that is water based. 

2. Keep on top of your house cleaning 

An easy way to keep your home fresh and welcoming is to keep on top of the house chores. It's not always at the top of your to do list when you get home from work, however it will pay off in the long run. 

Check out our Spring Cleaning Checklist to help you break down the daily cleaning tasks to make it that little bit easier and more efficient. 

3.  Give your garden some TLC

Not all of us are avid gardeners and this can certainly lead to many neglecting their outdoor spaces. How about popping on your gardening gloves and giving your garden some well needed TLC. Even cutting the grass and hedges back will make all the difference. Pruning those unruly plants will help to give them a new lease of life whilst also neatening up the appearance of your outdoor space. Why not plant a few flowers? All easy ways to make a huge impact to your home. 

4. Panelling

Panelling has the capability to really transform your space. If you live in a new build sometimes they can lack a little bit of character, so panelling a few rooms will instantly add a traditional feel. There are plenty of tutorials on youtube to take you step by step on how to DIY it yourself. Panelling will add another of layer of texture and will help to create visual interest across the room. 

5. New accessories 

Your styling accessories are the finishing touches to the room that will make a huge impact to the feel of your space. Introducing new styling pieces to your home will help to achieve a finished and polished look. Here are a few of my favourite decorative accessories to style with: 

6. Replace photographs in frames. 

I don't know about you but when I get new frames they will be sat there for a while with no photograph in until I get round to printing off my photos. Side note, if you are gifting a loved one a photo frame, its helpful to print off a photograph for the frame. 

This is a minor freshen up, but if you've had the same photographs on display for a long time, it's a good idea to change them up and reintroduce old memories.

7. Reinstate period features 

Reinstate your home's period features, such as cornicing and ceiling roses to add character. I live in a Victorian house, so the ceilings are super high, therefore adding a cornicing has made all the difference and creates visual interest all the way up to the ceiling. On the other end of the scale, you are working with a blank canvas on a new build home, so adding traditional features will add help add character too. 

8. Rearrange furniture 

An easy and quick way to freshen up your home is simply rearranging furniture. This isn't limited to the furniture in one room either, considering swapping lamps are side tables between rooms or switching up the the layout of furniture. A tip from me would be giving furniture breathing space to create the illusion of a larger room. 

When rearranging furniture, take everything out possible so you are left with the bare bones of the room, i.e. large furniture. This will make it much easier for you to 

9. Light up your space

Lighting is so important to set the tone and atmosphere of your home and essentially dictates how we feel in our home. In every room, you must have additional sources of light beyond the ceiling light. There are three basic layers to lighting - task, ambient and accent. I'm a bug lover of dotting a couple of lights in a room to create a blissful atmosphere in a room. Shop our Katie Lamp here.

10. New bedding 

I think we can all agree that fresh new bedding is one of life's small luxuries. Redressing your bed will completely give your bedroom a new look, falling in love with it all over again. To complement the look, add our White or Grey Pillow Shams  and 'effortlessly' drape the Taupe Striped Throw along the bottom of the bed. 



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